New game to play at parties with your friends

ok the game is called “Random Bitches”

at a table and in a clockwise motion. The person who is it has the person to the left call any letter in the alphabet.

the person who is it scrolls to that letter in the phone and picks a girl to call.

if she picks up, everyone has to drink. If she doesn’t, you have to drink. You have to leave a message if she doesn’t pick up. If she calls back before the game is over, everyone drinks twice.

try it spread the word

COME PARTY WITH PIXI!: Pixi's Drinking Games: No. 8 "Viking Horns"


You need at least four people to play this game and no more than 10 players or things get too confusing.

To play…

The players sit in a circle and one person goes first. This person makes “Viking horns”, simply thumbs in or near his or her ears. They hold this position for 2 seconds then…

Drinking Game: “The Spins”

“A drinking board game i made with my roommate Niko last semester. Use bottle caps as pieces and roll a dice to move. Suggested players 3-6.”

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COME PARTY WITH PIXI!: Pixi's Drinking Games: No. 19 "Scrababble"

Who would have thought Scrabble of all things could be turned into a drinking game. Well it can and it’s actually a load of fun!

What you need…


Lots of booze

At least 2 players

How to Play…

Stick with the usual rules however for every point you earn that opposition has to…

This Is Your Captain Speaking: Checkpoint Drinking Game


I’ve just invented a brilliant drinking game; I call it Checkpoint.

Each player will need:

  • About £25, at least.
  • A tequila with lemon/lime and salt.
  • An equal number of at least two different favours of sour shots. For the point of this example, we’ll use three sets of three.
  • Some…

Drink Respectfully: Drunk Driving

A.K.A: Mario Kart Drinking, Beerio Kart

Players: 2-4

Materials: Mario Kart 64, Nintendo 64 and of course, Beer.

How to Play: Every player brings one unopened beer can to the game. They are not to open this beer until the third light flashes. The objective of the game is to finish the race and finish your beer. If you finish the race and there is any beer left in your can you lose. You are not allowed to drive and drink at the same time. In fact the official rule is you may not at any point have a hand on both your controller or your beer simultaneously. 

If you need to pause the game you must announce before hand by three seconds in order to ensure no one will drink during that period. Likewise you must count down three seconds before you resume the game.

This game is incredibly fun but can destroy a case of beer. Not to be a hypocrite but do not let yourself get addicted to this game throughout the night. On a final note: The title of the game is meant to be ironic and none of us here at AA condone the idea of driving under the influence of alcohol. So please, Don’t drink and drive. Drink and play Mario Kart.


(Source: beercasm)